December 21, 2008


Just to give a little background into my qualifications for writing this blog and why you might want to read it-

I have a bachelor's degree in Communications Media, specializing in video production.  I was a producer of a successful and highly rated cable TV program in Rhode Island during the 90's.  I've won numerous awards for my productions and been published in the now defunct Video Toaster User magazine.  

Ultimately though, I'm a problem solver and I just know what looks good.  I'm also curious, so if I see something that looks great I try to analyze why and how I can repeat it.  

I use a Macintosh G5 desktop computer with Final Cut Studio 1 for my edit suite.  I've used other systems, that's just my system of choice.  If you're editing home videos with iMovie or  learning Premiere or Avid or any other system you should be able to adapt my suggestions because I'm going to try to avoid specifics of any program and instead focus on technique.  I'm happy to answer questions too and if I can't answer a software specific question, I'll try to point you toward a resource where you can find the answer.  

I tend to edit a lot using audio to key me into where to place cuts.  This caused a problem for me recently when editing a piece with audio to be added later (I'll talk about that in another post), but for that reason, I'll delve some into audio editing and tweaking.  I also love to play with special effects and often find that as the editor I'm expected to add credits to the piece, so I'll touch on those aspects too.  

I'm going to try to add audio and video samples to this blog as well.  I'm a newbie to using Blogger so if I have trouble at first, I hope you'll forgive me.  

Welcome to my blog.  I hope you find it useful.  Please post questions and suggestions as well as comments.  I wouldn't be a good editor if I didn't think I had lots more to learn.  

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